Welcome to Coaching For Creativity.  Hello. I am Dr. William Wurtz, the owner and principal of Coaching for Creativity.  I specialize in coaching business executives to fully develop their individual creativity, then to use that creativity to make their organizations more innovative, and sustain the change.

I am passionate about my work because I see creativity as the apex of human development and innovation as the source of wealth generation and human progress.  Every human being has the ultimate task of creating what they ultimately become.  This creative act plays itself out in the real world and impacts how a person makes a living, and how the organization that person leads is successful and profitable.

With the powerful tools and processes I have created, I can coach you to lead your organization to a better, more creative future based on innovation. My unique set of skills and experiences has helped dozens of executives and organizations navigate this challenging path.  Let me help you. Contact me today and let's discuss what the future will look like for you.